December 25, 2012

Christmas Day

A time for family and friends 

A time that bridges generations.

This HAS to be the Photo of the Week
A story with Great Grandpa.

Christmas Eve....

Someone left some Milk out....

Therefore it must be mine....

December 14, 2012


Block 1 - NOW finished!... for me Butterflies have come to signify New Beginnings, and so - as I  progressed along the journey that I have been travelling over the past 2 years -It seemed appropriate that I add some to my version of Heart's Desire.

I started last November by placing a ring of Fussy Cut Butterflies around my Centre Block.
And drawing from a lesson I learnt in Cake Decorating that also applies to Quilting...

If you  make a mistake...
.... Embellish it!
(Ok that's Craft-speak
for "Cover it up")

in this case I had a stem that had lost it's leaf.. and rather than remove it and unbalance the block - I balanced a Butterfly on it instead.

That reminded me that I was going to allow a few more of these beauties to alight where they pleased.

And just to let you in on my little secret....
I have been using this beautiful print called Kiyomi Butterflies from Red Rooster Fabrics.

I haven't finished with them yet,
and I'm not telling where I plan to place them next..

After all - this is a mystery quilt!

December 9, 2012

Together at Last.....

 I have placed the last stitches
 in the last leaf
on the last block,
 so at last
 I can say...
the Centre is done! 
on to the borders!

December 4, 2012

Christmas Baking #1

It is the time of year when the family starts coming home and writing "Christmas Break-up" on the Wall planner.  This is the cue for me to start dusting off the Christmas Recipe books.

First request for this year was ...
"Mum, can you make a Gluten Free Christmas Pudding and can I have it for Tuesday?"
My (predictable) response was "Of course you can" whilst remembering back to my childhood when the lady down the road started making her Christmas puddings on Boxing Day (January 26) for the next year.
That meant I was about 11 months late!

I like a steamed pudding for Christmas but the thought of having the steamer going for up to 6 hours on a 40 deg C day does not fill me with any enthusiasm. BUT... whilst trawling the Internet for Gluten Free Pudding recipes I found a tip that confirmed what I had been wondering for a while...
You CAN make a steamed Pudding in a Slow Cooker - Fantastic!
No hot steamy kitchen and no boiled dry pots!

So armed with a recipe from one of my (not so dusty) cookbooks,
I swapped the flour for Gluten Free,
I raided the pantry, and used some mixed fruit that had been soaking in Grand Marnier,
I set to work and made......
5 individual steamed Gluten (and Egg) Free Christmas Puddings.

Then had some fun with DS#2 and his new camera to make my little pudding look like it came from a fancy recipe book!