Cakes by Wendy

I have been decorating cakes for family and friends 
as well as the occasional Corporate Morning Tea
 for over 30 years.

I am a member of the 
Cake Decorators Association of Victoria and The Cake Decorators Society of Victoria.
Some cakes from my Album

Big and Beautiful
Peony, Rosebuds and Dainty blossoms
10th October 2014

Wildflowers for a Country Wedding Theme for DS#1
17th Jan 2014

Orange Calla Lily & Gold Orchids for a DD's Wedding
22nd November 2013

Diamond (60th) Anniversary Cake
with 60 small 'diamonds' scattered through the spray
29th August 2013

It's not every day you can make a 90th Birthday Cake
29th April 2013
Handmade Australian Wildflowers 
Waratah, Wattle, Flannel Flowers and Pink Heath 

Aussie Christmas 2011
Traditional Fruit Cake 

The Frangipani and Violet Posy was from a class I did a few years ago - just added some large Sleigh Bells to make it a bit more "Christmassy"

Happy 18th Angela
Fruit Cake & Fresh Flowers
(June 2002)

For my Mitsubishi Loving Nephew Luke
on his 18th
(5th August 2004)

and His 21st Birthday
(5th August 2007)

and then...

A Wedding Cake ....
with 4 days notice!

(13th July 2008)

An "Over the Hill" Cake
for my Big Brother

8th October 2004

and a good reason NOT to light the candles BEFORE the speeches

A Caricature for Nephew Mark
1 November 2004
(1/11/1983 - 22/4/2010)
We miss you so much.

My Boys 18th Birthday - 
8th August 2008

a Chess Board 
with Handmade Sugar Chess Pieces.

It took me ages to make this as I had to hide it each night.

Definitely a hard Act to Follow!

Well, the 21st Cake HAD to trump their 18th.
I think I may have just done that with a Steampunk Theme.

This is the "WISH-ANARIUM"
It is A smoke powered Wish Generator


Sarah's 21st
19th September 2005

2 tier Chocolate Mud Cake with Marbled Icing and decorated with Skeleton Leaf Flowers and Patchwork Bear.

Marbled Icing is quite deliberate and not icing that you have had a problem mixing properly (as I was asked on the day).


Katie's 21st Birthday flowers.
26 September 2010

And Chocolate Mud Cake

Kath's Gingerbread House
My DH's Gingerbread loving boss was going on Maternity leave - so how could I resist making her a caricature Home and Family? 


  1. Your chess board cake is amazing!

  2. These are incredible!! I had to pin a couple because your work is just amazing.

  3. Wow Wendy you have some fabulous cakes.. I remember my Mum used to make cakes like this for us I even had Humpty Dumpty sitting on a wall once they were really cool

  4. Amazing works of art. Another WOW.

  5. Really lovely My Mum loved doing cakes and I could throw something together but never got to your wonderful art level. Congratulations.